GTA 5 Online Basics For Playing

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game released by Rockstar North in 2013. Here we are going to tell you some basic information about GTA 5. In which we are going to know about its features. Let us know about its features.

GTA 5 is an online multiplayer game. In which you can create your character. After that you can play with up to 30 people. Your Main goal Focus in this game is to make money. You have to build your reputation. And you can also become the leader of your criminal group. In this you have to up your level. You have to lead your community.


At this time, GTA 5 on console or PC is not offering the offer for the single-player game or GTA 5 Online. The new version of GTA 5 will be Relaese soon. Crossplay is also possible that it may come. But for this, Permision is not being given by its developer Rockstar. In this case cross play is not possible. We can wait for it to come in future.


GTA 5 currently does not have a cross save feature. This simply means that if you play this game in PS 4 then you need to start this game again and again. It has not yet received any kind of official news whether cross save features will be given in GTA 5 in further updates or not. It remains like a mystery. GTA 5 is going to release exclusively on Xbox Series X|S or PS5. It is very important that you have PS 5.

The GTA V Universe

The full set of GTA 5 is located in Los Santos and Blaine County. A place which is a fictional state which we have named San Andreas. Like the earlier GTA, it should be completely complete. But on its outer side we can say that it is a different world. It’s a completely open world. Where you can do whatever you want. There are tons of cars that you can steal. You can buy weapons and many other things like that. In which you will enjoy differently.

Getting Started – Prologue

Getting started with GTA 5 Online Game is very easy. The game begins with a tutorial mission, Prologue, which introduces you to the main characters, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips. The tutorial which is there tells you how to move your character in a very easy way. Tutorials teach you how to interact with items. It is beneficial to switch character in the middle of your charchter.

Switching Between Characters

When you get to the Prologue mission it shows you how to switch your charchter. It is also very important for you to know that you have to switch each other between the two charachter. You need progress in the main story.

Each device has a different way to switch charchter. There are separate buttons for your PS5 / PS4 / PS3 and similarly there are separate buttons for Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Xbox 360 as well as separate buttons for PC. You just have to learn to switch in the one you play it in. There will be a moment in this game when the game will ask you to change your charchter. But if you are not able to progress through the story then you should switch charchter.

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Making Money in GTA V

Money is very important for GTA 5 Online game, from this you are going to buy many things like you can buy Weapons. You can buy outfits, armor and ammunition. You can get your car modified. But initially making money in GTA 5 is a very challenging task.

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