Latest News – CarX Street delayed again

This is the latest installment of a game in car racing. Maybe it will be released this year. After the phenomenal success of CarX Drift Racing Online and its sequel CarX Drift Racing 2, we get to see a CarX Street title.

For the first time, the Car X Street Game is going to be an open world. Next we are going to discuss CarX Street. In this we are going to talk about its release date and some of its features. It has seen a lot of advancements in coax technology. And we are here to tell you everything you need to know about this game. Let’s get started.

Latest News – CarX Street delayed again

CarX Street Mobile was released Some weeks ago but there is no release for PC. A date was kept for this on 15th December but that day is now gone. Nothing has been said yet from the side of the developer team. But he took to Twitter to update his fans about it.

The CarX game is now coming and is included in such a list. No Specific Time And date has been given for this. They have not said anything about its PC version, they have focused only on Android. But it may happen that its PC version may come in 2023. We’re going to be in the dark until the developers say anything about it. The developer must pay attention to the announcement.

Where to pre-order

For its Pre order, we can only do it on Play Store. Maybe this game can be free for PC. You can take a pre order in it.


Originally CarX has been confirmed for PC at this point of time. And it is also going to be launched in Android and IOS later in the future. It may come in the early year of 2023.


We have waited a long time for its trailer to come out. But we found one in May. The CarX Street Gameplay gives quite a sneak peak. When it launched in December, it looked just like its title. We must say thanks for the regular updates of CarX.


There are many factions in it, it is called by the name of the club. We have seen that there are five of which are Drift United and, Speedline Syndicate And Drift devil’s and Speed ​​hunters. Each club has a different racing style. In which you have to impress the leader of the group. The game also gives you the option of buying real estate. It is to make your character more good and real.

There are many cars in it, you can suck anyone, even some cars have been revealed. In this, you are going to need a long time for customization.

Car list

So far 18 cars have been confirmed for the CarX game. It has been revealed through images in his blog. In this like muscle car, pick-up trucks, sports car and many more such taxes are yet to come which can come forward. In this you can do full customization. Everything can be personalized in this. In this, from the engine of the car to its color can also be changed.

Sunset City Map

There are a lot more features to play with in CarX Street technology. CarX is the most open world game out there. There are a lot of Sandboxes to explore in it. There are many cities in it but the biggest city in it is Sunset City. This city is located in East Asia. Sunset City is very deep in which we can comfortably find whatever we want to find.

Release date

Car X Street released worldwide on 15 December. The Android version will be launched soon. And the iOS version is live now.

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