Stumble Guys Guide Tips And tricks to win the Game You should know

It is a type of multiplayer action game. In which you battle with 32 people. You have to decline all kinds of challenges to win. This is the best clone of great fall guys. which you can play. Graphics have been given a lot of attention in this. You have to cross the finish line avoiding all the problems in it. You will have a lot of excitement when you play this game.

Daily dose of advertisement

It gives you a new reward every day in which you get free skin every day. In this, you only have to see 5 ads for this. This game gives you a gem reward many times after the match. It doesn’t matter how badly you played the game. In this you get free skin forever but there are only limited videos for gems. In this, it rewards you 8 gems in every ad.

Saving Gems

In this you will feel like buying any random skin through your gems but you have to save it. This gives you a chance to unlock the punching remote later. In this you can punch the players. It is better to buy punching emote from gems than buying it with real money. In this you get skin reward every day, you do not need to buy skin from yourself.

Beware of Boxers

If you see someone using a heart or boxing glove, then take care of them, you are going to get games from them only. There is a worst heart remote in this. This type of emotes is the last reward in this game for stumble passes. Players like this are very dangerous. Specially maps Bombardment, Tile Fall and Laser Tracer where you will find yourself next to others.

Air Dash with care

If you jump midiar, air dashing helps you move quickly but belly sliding can get you stuck in it for a few seconds. This is very useful to bypass you. you will get speed

Top Speed Belly side

If you jump into a slope that is a land, you will land on its belly side. It is useful to increase the speed on the slope. This is very useful. You can then see your player character struggling on the belly side.

Technical pacifism

Especially in Honey drop you don’t have to think about others dying. Do your best and avoid fighting.They themselves will finish each other slowly. In Bombardment also all you have to do is push the logo down as soon as the map is on the verge of destruction and after that they will come to you.

Spin traps

If you are good at it then you can use a spin trap to go ahead. You have to hit the back at a right angle. You always have to follow the direction the spin is going. And you do something according to this, if the spin is moving clockwise, then you approach from the left. This way you can reach further.

Know you Maps

To play this game you have to remember the map. This is the key because you are going to win the game. And how are you going to solve dangerous problems? You have to play it very smoothly.


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Revolving doors

Sometimes you have to follow the crowd. If you see a crowd somewhere, you have to follow it and follow it. If you see a crowd, then go away from them or go back. You also have to go in the direction in which the crowd is going. If you don’t go, the door will slam you in your face. Big crowd pushes more.

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